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Are you a self-proclaimed introvert, extrovert, or are you a "popular introvert"? Do you struggle with (a) establishing and honoring boundaries? or do you (b) live/ work in an intense environment(s)? or do you find yourself (c) feeling guilty for not communicating how you felt in a particular situation or (d) due to a lack of understanding find yourself upset at home or work...or both!? If so, this course maybe for you... Many people don't realize that there is a difference between communication and conversation. It is important to know how to identify the different types of conversations and personality types that can occur in different situations.When unprepared for these different situations, one can become overwhelmed with social anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, or even frustration due to lack of progress and results. There are 3 main conversations that you must master to build the foundation for a powerful and dynamic life. In this eCourse, we will discuss the fundamentals of conversations starting with your everyday life, with friends and family; and then in your career and or business. There is power in the art of having a conversation. Through our journey together, you will discover why the art of conversation is essential in every area of your life. In gaining a greater understanding of yourself and others, you will also improve your social graciousness and strengthen your confidence. This course is structured as a guide to help you develop your conversation skills and unleash the power of conversations. You will learn how to improve your communication by having conversations that are more authentic, more effective, and more efficient at home, in professional settings and with intimate relationships. You'll also get some conversation starters and exercises to help you become a better conversationalist. You are never too young or too old to learn ways to improve your dialogue skills and develop self-mastery.


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